Zelda's Fancy Hat

(Click for bigger pics.)

9/3/09: I basted the cone and brim to the backing muslin. I used pink so it would be easy to see and rip out later. I also made sure not to get too close to the edge so my basting won't get caught when I sew it all together. My fingers are sore! I guess I better get used to that.

9/2/09: I sewed the pieces together. It was surprisingly easy. The surprisingly tricky part was cutting out the big piece of backing muslin that these get basted to. I asked my mom to do that part; she has special equipment. I'll finish this one before piecing, etc. the second hat (I hope).

9/1/09: I cut out pattern pieces from my fabric. I cut out two of each because I'm going to try to make one for a charity auction.

8/30/09: I cut out pattern pieces on freezer paper. I also bought a big piece of black muslin; the stitched piece goes over it.

July and August 2009: I gathered as many small cuts of patterned black fabric as I could find, around 11. I chose mostly plain patterns that could be stitched on. One pattern piece has no stitching, so I chose something with a bolder pattern for that one. I also bought my Weeks Dye Works threads.