Memorial Flag Project
Quilt Squares

Quilt squares for a charity project

"Our mission is to create a giant memorial flag to honor those that have perished in acts of terrorism over the past 30 years. ... At its completion, the flag will travel to Washington, D.C, NYC, and the Beirut Memorial in North Carolina. Our hope is to have the flag completed by September 11, 2002, and have enough funding and sponsorship for the flag to travel across the U.S."

World Trade Center

Begun July 26, 2002
Finished July 28, 2002


New York Fire Department

Begun July 29, 2002
Finished August 4, 2002


World Trade Center

Begun August 10, 2002
Finished August 14, 2002


World Trade Center

Begun August 19, 2002
Finished August 24, 2002



Begun September 4, 2002
Finished September 8, 2002